Public Speaking
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It often takes an experienced retailer, from outside the organisation to inspire you to refocus on opportunities to build sales.

Dynamic and motivational, Kevin’s Hennah’s presentations are never delivered in an ‘off the shelf’ manner. Tailoring advice specifically to your industry, content is highly focused on individual clients needs and includes relevant inspirational photographic images taken internationally to reinforce his advice. From keynote presentations to team development workshops, Kevin Hennah is experienced in delivering motivational talks to a broad cross section of audiences. Simply nominate your time frame and needs.

Need inspiration?

These popular topics can be delivered as individually as keynote presentations used in combination to create full day workshop. Alternatively, contact Kevin to tailor content to your brief.

Retail Space Management

Learn how store layout and strategic product placement impact directly on customer traffic flow and sales. Practical, achievable and highly motivating, this presentation leaves the audience seeing an entirely new set of opportunities to grow sales.

Rethinking Retail

Fusing creative vision with an understanding of the commercial realities of retail, Kevin Hennah presents 10 practical ways to use visual merchandising and store design to maximise profitability.

5 Practices of Profitable Retailers

From creating a positive first impression to the overall store experience, Kevin Hennah shares 5 merchandising practices of profitable retailers. Challenge your strategy, re-think merchandising and question whether you are doing everything you can to make it easy for customers to spend.

International Retail Trends

A visual showcase of inspiration from Kevin Hennah’s recent trips to The USA, UAE, Europe and Asia, this presentation is aimed at proactive retailers who are committed to being a leader in their field. Be inspired by innovative store design, dynamic promotional campaigns, contemporary marketing initiatives and cutting edge window displays.

"I’m horrified by the idea that somebody might look at their watch during my presentation, so I’m committed to delivering presentations that are not just fast-paced and informative, but fun and inspirational."
- Kevin hennah

Kevin’s thoughts

Image is becoming increasingly important to consumers and this has significant dollar implications for retailers. Sales-driven store design, innovative merchandising and powerful branding is fundamental to keeping physical stores profitable – it keeps consumers consuming.

Over time most retailers become ‘shop blind’ and opportunities to maximise sales are overlooked.

Visual merchandising is a highly influential selling tool. For most businesses, approximately 80% of sales are generated by only 20% of products. Does your current visual merchandising strategy showcase this 20% to full potential? If not, you are probably losing sales.

The Internet shifted retail ‘goal posts’, yet many physical businesses continued to aim in the same direction and looked externally for factors to blame when sales declined. Opportunities are abundant once you accept that retail is not static.

It often takes an experienced retailer, from outside the organisation to inspire you to refocus on opportunities to build sales.

Most businesses share a common goal – to maximise customer traffic and most importantly, profit. I expose businesses to new ideas and challenge them to seek out exciting sales opportunities which they have missed