“A real professional, with design genius and actual real-world experience both in libraries AND retail. Inspiring!”
Suji DeHart. QSI Shekou. Shenzhen. CHINA

“Fantastic!!! The best PD day I have ever attended!”
Benjamin Farr. Tanglin Trust School. SINGAPORE

“Exceeded my expectations. Loved every minute. All librarians can use a does of Kevin’s logic and understanding about what makes a relevant, contemporary library. I would recommend him without hesitation”
Rebecca Battistoni. Anglo American School of Sofia. BULGARIA

“I feel I have no more excuses! Our space will change for the better. So inspired by Kevin’s signage, layout, design ideas – all possible on our budget”
Nancy Barnes Trimm. Gunnisoon County Libraries. Colorado. USA

“Mr Hennah has the rare perspective that combines design theory, marketing strategy and a working knowledge of libraries”
Gina Schaarschmidt. Academy School District #20. Colorado. USA

“Invigorating – Professional – Creative – Timely – Thought-provoking – Spot-on!”
Carol Clark. American International School of Dhaka. BANGLADESH

“Thank you for an excellent 2-days of learning and inspiration. I am excited to go back to my library and start implementing positive change!”
Laurie Dukes. American International School of Riyadh. SAUDI ARABIA

“The span of topics and ways to make over a library, as well as the range of topics (size & cost) were exceptional”
Maria McShane. Colorado Library Consortium. USA

“Kevin has exceeded my expectations. He is well-paced, coherent and adds enough anecdotes to keep up interested/laughing”
Tim Gardes. International School of Bejing. CHINA

“Thank you for an inspiring day – fantastic”
Lara Keller. Saigon South International School. VIETNAM

“Kevin’s ideas were well thought out, well presented and easy to implement”
Corleen Gallinger. Greenfield Community School. DUBAI

“Practical, pragmatic ideas we can use. No cloud-cukoo land idealism! I loved it and am leaving newly inspired to forge ahead with change”
Christine Sousa e Sa’. St Julians School. PORTUGAL

“Many useful ideas to implement!”
Andrea Norman. American Community School. BEIRUT

A very professional workshop which added a lot to my knowledge.
Lina Choucairi. Al Bayan Bilingual School. KUWAIT

“Beyond my high expectations. Provoking me to action”
Amanda Bond. Istanbul International Community School. ISTAMBUL

“Kevin was informative and inspiring, This is spot-on what I needed to hear as we are about to design three new library spaces”
Paige Spilles. The American International School of Muscat. OMAN

“Amazing ideas. I can’t wait to get back to my library and purge and weed!”
Eileen Ray. Aiglon College. SWITZERLAND

“This workshop lived up to expectations and provided enough ideas to keep going for years”
Lynne Starrenburg. International School of Eindhoven. NETHERLANDS

“Many thought-provoking ideas. Kevin is one of the most enjoyable presenters I’ve heard”
James Pakala. Covenant Theological Seminary. St Louis. Missouri. USA

“WOW! This is the second time I have heard Kevin Hennah speak and both have been valuable”
Bonnie McComb. American School of Warsaw. POLAND

“A great, engaging speaker and very entertaining”
Suzanne Estelle-Holmer. Yale University Divinity School Library. Connecticut. USA

“I was expecting new ideas and photos of great looking libraries. I got that – of course – but I was genuinely challenged by your insistence on changing the culture of the library. Fantastic! I will definitely rethink when I get back to the library!”
Tim Appleton. British School of Bucharest. ROMANIA

“Your presentation in Waterloo, Belgium got me interested. This (full day workshop) was excellent. You kept my attention all day!”
John Kurtenbach. American International School of Bucharest. ROMANIA

“Never before have a I enjoyed a PowerPoint presentation like I enjoyed this one. Too many quality ideas to implement immediately. Thank you!
Debbie Alvarez. Bradbury School. HONG KONG

“Enjoyed this workshop as it built upon the previous one I attended (Rethink, Reinvent Rejuvenate). Excellent!”
Trish Oliver. Glenealy School. HONG KONG

“Great ideas that are achievable. His delivery with lots of pictures was amazing! I really enjoyed it”
Erina Fukuhara. Kowloon Junior School. HONG KONG

“Thank you so much! It’s my second time to join your workshop. Your passion in the library field and expectation of library staff inspired me again. Thanks for giving a very clear direction on how we can do better in this e-world, where I think we as libraries should lead”
Ching Cheung. King George V School. HONG KONG

“Great ideas! I can’t wait to try them out!”
Nicole Doyle. AAC Moscow. RUSSIA

“Can’t wait to apply these ideas at my library. An eye opener, so many possibilities”
Shaadah Kalam. Petronas Oil. Kuala Lumpur. MALAYSIA

“’Thank you for a superb workshop, I’ve learned so much! I must say that this was the best workshop & PD that I have ever been to”
Sarah Handley. Prem International School, Chiang Mai. THAILAND

“A truly fantastic learning experience. A great opportunity to break out of ‘old’ mode and present a new 21st Century Library”
David Griffiths. Fairfield City Libraries. NSW. AUSTRALIA

“Based on past experience I was confident that today’s workshop would be worth the money and time. I was not disappointed. You passed on so many hints and strategies that are ever so practical and ‘do-able’! “It’s great to once again see so clearly what MUST and CAN be done to stay relevant today and tomorrow. I feel totally motivated and enthused to get back to work and ask the necessary ‘why’ and ‘why not’ questions in relation to collection and services. The photos were interesting and helped reinforce what you said. No one will leave this workshop without at least one question or hint to apply to his/her library immediately”
Johanna Vanderplas. John Calvin Christian College. WA. AUSTRALIA

“Kevin Hennah’s workshop at Catholic Education Wollongong helped bring libraries into the 21st century”
Beth Carlon. Deputy Principal. St Joseph’s Primary School. NSW. AUSTRALIA

“A brilliant session that has given me much to think about. Finally someone has come along and equipped us with the marketing skills we have been searching for. Kevin is a brilliant presenter whose knowledge and passion shines throughout his presentation”
Carol Rose. Riverina Institute of TAFE. NSW. AUSTRALIA

“What a great breath of fresh air. An experienced professional who can explain in everyday language where libraries can improve and be relevant to their communities”
Michelle Head. Albury City Libraries. NSW. AUSTRALIA

“The best PD that I have ever attended. Very informative, practical and inspiring”
Kerri Power. Yugumbir State School. QLD. AUSTRALIA

“Very inspirational and exactly what I needed prior to planning the fit out and design of our new library”.
Kathy Matthews. Shire of Bridgetown, WA. AUSTRALIA

“I loved it. It was interesting, perfectly paced and informative. I received more information than I expected. Not only did I get direction and motivation, I got suppliers details”
Ronnell Capp. Waroona Public Library. WA. AUSTRALIA

“I didn’t look at my watch once. Very informative”
Christine Longstaff. Neerigen Brook Primary School. WA. AUSTRALIA

“Have been to your workshops before and knew this would be great. Kevin is an accomplished presenter, making the time informative and interesting”
Susan Pateman. Margaret River State High School. WA. AUSTRALIA

“Opened up the next ‘layer’ of what to do. I expected to be challenged and wasn’t disappointed. Kevin always gets beneath the surface layer of comfortability and challenges what I do and why I do it- in a fun yet thoughtful forum. His are the only workshops I go to that will challenge and extend librarians in practical ways that will suit all budgets”
Megan Reynolds. Grace Christian School. WA. AUSTRALIA

“Pertinent, professional, perceptive, thoughtful and targeted presentation. Excellent visuals used to support and inform. One of the most informative and educational days. Thank you”
Allan Caddy. Bassendean Memorial Library. WA. AUSTRALIA

“I feel inspired again. Thanks, I needed to feel invigorated and passionate about the change I CAN and need to do”
Lise Legg. St Stephen’s School. WA. AUSTRALIA

“An extremely stimulating, exciting workshop. Left me with my mind full of ideas and I can’t wait to get started”
Kerry Masters. North Lake Senior School. WA. AUSTRALIA

“I have come away with so many ideas. I learnt so much from this and reinforced some of what we are already achieving. I expected to see innovative ideas and go them in spades. Fast paced, ideas aplenty, exactly what was needed”
Alison Oliver. City of Stirling. WA. AUSTRALIA

“This workshop exceeding expectations. I loved the new ideas and can’t wait to put them to good use. It was one of the most enjoyable workshops I have been to”
Andrea. City of Darwin Libraries. NT. AUSTRALIA

“After attending previous workshops, I got what I expected – excellence”
Margaret Curry. Northern territory Library. NT. AUSTRALIA

“Fantastic! You have given me lots of great ideas. I’m definitely going to put them into action immediately. I never in my widest dreams expected such an invigorating workshop experience. I enjoyed every minute of my time here today”
Paula Simone. Casuarina Senior College. NT. AUSTRALIA

“Once again Kevin, you have presented an exceptional workshop – informative and challenging! All our staff thoroughly enjoyed the day”
Carol Anderson. Busselton Public Library. WA. AUSTRALIA

“Love it! Today was so inspiring. Covered so much more than I was expecting”!
Ruth Josif. Alice Springs Public Library. NT. AUSTRALIA

“Full of practical advice on how to implement a vision. You understood exactly what is happening at the coal face and gave ideas for solutions”
Cheryl Hardy. Mabel Park State High School. QLD. AUSTRALIA

“Fantastic, fast paced, witty, overall a highly enjoyable and thought provoking day. Above and beyond what I perceived the workshop would be. I enjoy presentations that challenge the way you see yourself and your organisation”
Susan Daglish. . Busselton Public Library. WA. AUSTRALIA

“I’ve come away with a wealth of fresh ideas and most importantly the motivation to implement them. Your humour and insights into the library world make you well qualified to help us laugh at ourselves and identify the typical traits of outdated practice”
Janelle Fairley. Kedron State High School. QLD. AUSTRALIA

“An inspiring, entertaining and stimulating workshop”
Bronwyn. Whitehorse Manningham Library Service. VIC. AUSTRALIA

“I found this workshop very inspiring. A lot of new and provocative ideas were raised. It’s really changes my perception of what libraries can be in the future”
Kate Burbeck. Alice Springs Public Library. NT. AUSTRALIA

“Wonderful. I would have loved this course at uni. So interesting and thought provoking and more relevant than some of my courses”
Caris Chamberlain. City of Nedlands. WA. AUSTRALIA

“I love your work Kevin. You have already made a great contribution to our library service and I feel that you still have much more to offer us”
Christy Pinfold. City of Melville. WA. AUSTRALIA

“Very useful, very interesting, highly recommended”
Irena Sajdovic. Mandurah Libraries. WA. AUSTRALIA

“Wonderful! Brave ideas. Very refreshing”
Britt. City of Stirling. WA. AUSTRALIA

“Clear, relevant – tip of the iceberg. A breath of fresh air”
Jane Beer. Wanneroo Library Service. WA. AUSTRALIA

“I had high expectations and they were certainly met!”
Karen Pet hell. City of Wanneroo. WA. AUSTRALIA

“This was better than I expected. Fantastic! Really enjoyed the session, wasn’t bored once”
Kym Andrews. Wanneroo Library Service. WA. AUSTRALIA

“My third workshop with you and I’m still inspired”
Eileen England. Temora Library. NSW. AUSTRALIA

“A great day. I can’t believe all the obvious things that are so fixable in our library, even on a very small scale and at low or no cost”
Linda Dyer. Junee Library. NSW. AUSTRALIA

” Fabulous. Flowed really nicely and at a good speed. I can now be more critical of my choices with some idea of what I can and should be looking to change”
Cindy Smith. Gundagai Library. NSW. AUSTRALIA

“Fantastic – you never fail to deliver. I always come away enthused”
Jenni Mudd. Maitland Public Library. NSW. AUSTRALIA

“Brilliant! Thought provoking, inspiring. I didn’t realize changing and innovating a space could be so easy and do-able!”
Sally Cheadle. St Joseph’s College. Gregory Terrace. QLD. AUSTRALIA

“I love that you give suggestions that range from those embarking on a total redo of their library to those small things that can be achieved in established libraries”
Trudi Burgess. St Saviours College. QLD. AUSTRALIA

“Well presented, relevant, insightful, inspiring. If we can implement even half of these ideas we’ll see amazing change”
Kathryn Roberts. Indooroopilly State High School. QLD. AUSTRALIA

“Kevin’s advice is valuable because he really does understand the challenges and opportunities we face”
Margaret Spiteri. Hillbrook Anglican School. QLD. AUSTRALIA

“Your enthusiasm is contagious”
Elizabeth Hobman. Faith Lutheran College. QLD. AUSTRALIA

“Loved every minute. Awesome day! Totally inspired!”
Mandy Barrett. Matthew Flinders College. QLD. AUSTRALIA

“I wouldn’t have believed I could take away so many great ideas- and not necessarily expensive”
Adrienne Read. Beerwah State High School. QLD. AUSTRALIA

“Lots to think about in many realms – so much can be achieved with a few changes/improvements. I had heard that it was a good day, but it was also stimulating and entertaining”
Tanya Potts. Waverley Council. NSW. AUSTRALIA

“The ideas in the before and after shots were truly fantastic, eye-catching and affordable”
Pene Mehe. Mackillop College. TAS. AUSTRALIA

“I think every library staff member should be able to attend Kevin’s workshops”
Sonya Lanham. Prospect High School. TAS. AUSTRALIA

“A very informative day that was worthwhile and will encourage our library to become the ‘hub’ of the school and a place where students collaborate and develop their skills and achieve their potential”
Frances Schneider. St Joseph’s Catholic High School. NSW. AUSTRALIA

“Felt I was given a way to push my library into the 21st Century”
Maria Bryant. Warilla High School. NSW. AUSTRALIA

“Definitely a must for all Teacher Librarians and Principals or executive staff”
Kirsty O’Rourke. St Kevin’s Dee Why. NSW. AUSTRALIA

“I have learnt so much – and perhaps had my eyes opened to the endless possibilities of bringing my school library into the realm and excitement of the 212st century. An absolutely fantastic, both energetic and inspiring and informative”
Wendy Landow. Bonnyrigg Heights Public School. AUSTRALIA

“Exceed my expectations. An inspiring, informative and relevant workshop”
Carmel Taylor. Hnery Kendall High School. NSW. AUSTRALIA

“Kevin’s astute understanding of human behavior and wonderful sense of humour are excellent attributes for a workshop presenter”
Jan Wilson. St Leonard’s College. VIC. AUSTRALIA

“Thanks for a most inspirational day and for reminding us what we need to be doing to market libraries”
Johanna Vanderplas. John Calvin Christian College. WESTERN AUSTRALIA

“Amazingly presented! Not a dull moment!”
Yvonne Gurtin. Living Waters Lutheran College. WESTERN AUSTRALIA

“Excellent food for thought. So many immediate ideas to take home as well s bigger ideas for the future”
Joanna Whitehouse. Lanna International School. THAILAND

“One of the best presentations on what and how we need to change our paradigm”
Gayle Gunderson. Colorado Christian University. USA

“This is truly the most relevant workshop I have ever been to. It has given direction on where I need to head. I didn’t know what to expect but have come away with an explosion of ideas”
Dot Gorman. Mount barker Community College. WA. AUSTRALIA

“I was honestly thinking about walking away from libraries but I’m re-inspired and invigorated to make changes”
Jess Hagley. Shire of Katanning Public Library. WA. AUSTRALIA

“I have learnt a lot about library management, now and into the future. I can’t wait to implement new ideas”
Nicole Carter. West Busselton Primary School. WA. AUSTRALIA

“Excellent, Provocative. Even better than I expected. This will have immediate impact in our school’s libraries at no cost”
Jason Cone. Singapore American School. SINGAPORE

“Very clear, practical solutions backed up with rationale pertinent to an educational setting and mindful of the challenges that we encounter”
Kate Vaughan. British School Jakarta. INDONESIA